My first attempt produced a windsurfing board itself and of course had the same times be a freestyle board.

As to still came that the board is a perfect self-creation, from the design to the execution of hand.

For this reason, I had no idea how it will behave in the water.

Okay it does not look too bad and when editing I also gave me always effortless. But still, there was at approximately 2-month construction phase, daily new doubts about whether it works at all.


And then the first surfing attempt because I was already a bit queasy, that holds at all what I have built, it is running straight and it is also a freestyle board or only a lame duck.


But all the doubts dissipated very quickly, as I was the first time in glide and the first jump attempt made, just great.

Okay evaluate their own board is indeed very simple, and I'm not exactly the best windsurfers, I hope in the near future to get one or the other more neutral rating.


The wind can come !!! :-D


After a test phase, is now clear that it works and thus ice is a new edition, which also holds permanently. ;-)


Volume ca. 90 l
Width 62 cm
Length 216 cm

? kg

Fin Box Power
Technology Glas / PVC / Carbon Sandwich
Sail Range 4.0 - 6.3

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